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Dave and Julie Day have been married for 40 years and moved from Alaska over 30 years ago to the community of Marysville, WA where they raised five children. Dave was in the construction business for more than 45 years doing many jobs for the city of Marysville. Julie still serves the Marysville school district as a special education paraprofessional. Dave began an interest in the medical benefits of the cannabis plant after experiencing health concerns.

After seeing great results with their health from CBD products, Dave and his family wanted to learn more about CBD. He studied all aspects of the plant and learned that the CBD component has the greatest medical benefits without the side effects of THC.

Julie and Dave became passionate about CBD and being able to live a naturally healthy life. They wanted to share their knowledge with their community. After attending Canacon in 2019, they decided to open Marysville’s first and only CBD store. They believe in empowering people to better health through the healing of CBD products.

We here at New World Health & Wellness are passionate about the natural healing effects of CBD. Below, we'll take a look at what specifically makes CBD such a great product to try for pain relief and more. Shop with us today!

New World Health and Wellness is a CBD store in Maryville that offers cbd products

Organic Base

CBD comes from the hemp plant, which grows naturally in Central Asia and has been used since 2800 BC. Plants are about as natural as it gets for medicinal products. Thus, CBD has an organic base that is very different from the synthetic pharmaceuticals often prescribed by doctors to treat chronic conditions and pain.

Calming Effects Without Other Side Effects

CBD is a natural alternative to the traditional anti-anxiety medications that are offered by doctors. CBD works by bonding with receptors in your endocannabinoid system that work intricately with your nervous system to keep your body in homeostasis. If you are looking for a holistic way to relieve your anxiety and offer a soothing calmness, try our CBD products today.

New World Health and Wellness is a CBD store in Maryville that offers cbd products
New World Health and Wellness is a CBD store in Maryville that offers cbd products

Aids a Variety of Ailments

While studies are ongoing, there is no doubt that CBD has helped thousands of people throughout time with their symptoms and conditions for many ailments. From helping relieve anxiety and depression to helping with heart problems, insomnia, addiction, acne, and so much more, CBD is the natural way to help you live your best life. Contact us to learn more today.

Easily Integrated Into Your Daily Life

CBD is easy to take and offers very little side effects. You can take it whenever you want and however you want. You can purchase CBD as a tincture, which you can then add to your coffee, smoothies, or other drinks. You can purchase CBD as gummies, which are just like regular gummies. Or, you can take it as a capsule, easy and simple. Plus, you can take CBD whenever you feel like you need some relief.

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New World Health and Wellness is passionate about all-natural healing.

We love helping our customers where they need it, whether that's pain relief, muscle soreness, or helping with insomnia. We invite you to shop our CBD products today!