NW Botanical Coconut Cream




Our Coconut Cream Hemp Extract Topical comes out smooth and creamy – the perfect lotion blend that absorbs quickly for both moisture and healing effects.

Apply a generous amount of our Hemp topical to the desired area and firmly massage into the skin for the best effect. Relief can last for 2-8 hours. Can be reapplied as needed or desired for maximum pain relief.

Aroma: Light coconut

Lab-tested/ Third-party and fourth-party batch tested to confirm potency.

Customer Reviews

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Works for Me

I've been using Super Supplements CBD cream 800 mg for awhile and while it works, I don't handle the smell very well.
I was gifted your 1000 mg cream and it is even better. The smell is pleasant and mild and the cream is very smooth. I don't feel the need to wash my hands after application as there is no greasy residue. I have been suffering from severe neck damage for over 40 years; and while this doesn't get rid of the pain completely it diminishes it enough to get through my day or helps improve my sleep. There has never been a problem on the application site if I reapply several times.
Thank You for making a great product. You have a permanent customer.
C.A. Hayes