Intensive Relief Rub with Hemp and Emu Oil 3000mg CBD




This all-natural formula is a creamy texture made to give immediate relief that you can feel within minutes! Produced with a mix of essential oils to bring you concentrated pain relief similar to a menthol cream. With 3000 mg CBD oil also mixed with Emu oil, Hemp oil, Fragrance (essential oils) Arnica, and Willow Bark, this specially formulated CBD topical is perfect for daily use, relieving muscle strain, arthritis, stiffness, joint pain, and body fatigue. Frequent use of this product has great results and is one of Founder Julie’s most used products.

Apply a small amount of this CBD topical to the desired area and firmly massage into the skin for maximum effect. Relief can last for 2-8 hours. Topical CBD creams can be reapplied as frequently needed or desired. 

Aroma: Natural herbal scent 

Lab-tested CBD. Third-party and fourth-party batch tested to confirm potency.